Monday, June 14, 2010


Ohayo!!!!!..I woke up late today coz couldn't sleep early last nite..I have to wait for Fajr pray time about 2.17am..and start to try sleep after that..I just wanna share story about yesterday with all of you..yesterday I went to Mitsui Outlet AGAIN!!!..hahaha..I’m so happy coz I got Baby GAP cute cardigan for my baby for 500yen ONLY!..and the actual price was 3200yen..(I don’t have camera so I couldn’t show this cute cardigan to you guys..sorry!!)
On my way to Mitsui...I experienced earthquake inside the car..I thought that my friend slipped the car stering..and suddenly I saw all signboard on the road were shaking..thank God my friend drove slowly at that time..Earthquake is not a big deal for Japanese people..especially the small earthquake..coz every year Japan used to have this kind of disaster..Yesterday was the 5th time I think I felt earthquake here...they suggest it is better to stay inside your house and hide under your table when earthquake happen..They told me that it is more dangerous to go outside your house because all the electricity cabel might fall and hits you..they are certain type of house in here that have this called ‘earthquake technology’ .. building after 1983 (if I’m not mistaken) that they say is safe to stay in when earthquake hits your place..I hope no more earthquake after this..I’m too scared coz I’m now alone and bloated..couldn’t walk fast or run…all I can do I pray this disaster won’t happen again…that’s all story about earthquake and Baby GAP..hope you guys get some info from it!!!!...Bye..bye….:)

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