Saturday, June 26, 2010


Tik..tok..tik..tok…a few more hours to go till I meet love of my life, my mom and my little brother..I’m so excited today..I slept at 2.30am and woke up at 4.30am..sleeping for just 2 hours!!!!!!..I’m cleaning my house and made some chocolate chip muffins..although it turn out to be not what I expected (I should buy muffins pan)….the taste is so delicious..I will tell you guys the recipe tomorrow because I need to make frosting for my muffins..thanks to carrie for the frosting recipe..:)..
Just want to share my experienced if anybody got in my situation..which is living alone and pregnant..first of is important for you not to think too much..I mean don’t think about negative thing that could be happened to you while your husband is not with you..just relaks..and if you have any problem just called anybody that’s near you or your friends that can take you to the hospital immediately..please remind your friends alert to their mobile phone especially at night..because usually pregnant women got problem in the middle of the night..careful with your steps especially if you are using bathroom..or stairs..and last but not least..pray to God that everything will be fine until your husband gets back home..I hope I can get through another few hours..and I pray that my husband, my mom and my little brother have a safe journey to Japan..Pray for us!!!!..

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