Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Eating Healthy while pregnant is important…a good diet can safeguard against health problems during pregnancy and also helps your baby to have good health right from the start…for most women, the nausea eases after the first trimester…like me my morning sickness ended at the end of 5 months pregnant..I read this article on the internet how to ease feelings of nausea…

..eat little and often..
..carry food with you, if you find that eating helps quell sickness..
..avoid rich, spicy, fatty or acidic foods..
...try ginger, which can help relieve sickness – in biscuits, tea, crystallised or freshly grated and added to cooking...
..take lots of fluids but cut down or cut out caffeine...

At my stage now..which is 34 weeks..half of my fat goes to the baby..thats what I read on the internet..so I try not to eat fat food and started new diet which I think all pregnant lady should try..i ate less amount of rice..eat a lot of veggie and fruits..and don't forget...milk..I learn how to make simple fresh salad from one of my Turmenistan friend..thanks Aysenem..How to make it?? Here the ingredients that you have to prepare for the salad..

..Olive oil..

First of all you have to washed all this salad..and put it inside bowl..and then mix with salt and olive oil..put some basil if you have..anddddd….tadaaaaa..

ready to eat….I prepare this salad as my dinner now..no more rice at night..:P


Hanis MY said...

iryd..looks yummy mcm kat kedai..mabeles hehe..

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

hehe..cubala..mula2 try ingat tak kenyang..rupa2nye kenyang je..:P

Eija said...

minggu lepas dr pi jepun. tak jumpa ko? hehe..

jalilsalleh said...

huh...mari kita bet berapa lama ko tahan dinner ini je...hahahaha

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

yeke kak ija..dr tak tau no iryd pun..cm mana dia nk contact..hehehe..

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

aku bertahan smpai pitt balik je jalil...hahahaha...sedap gak tau..ko cuba la..:P


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