Friday, July 9, 2010


Last Friday I took my mom and Umai to Yagiyama Zoo..although I’m kind of exhausted coz getting bigger and bigger and it is hard for me to walk..I’m glad that Umai is happy to see penguin, elephant, giraffe and llama..Yagiyama zoo info:

Sendai Yagiyama Zoological Park opened in 1965..700 animals of 170 species are displayed with regards to their habitat and taxonomy..This Zoo is famous for the joint project Japan and Russia to restore the Aleutian Canada Goose to Asia and the breeding of Birds of Prey..Africa Zone exhibit, their newest exhibit recreates the grassland habitat that is home to some of the world’s most spectecular creatures.

Zoo Hours:
Zoo opens: 9.00am Entrance closes: 4.00pm
Zoo Closes : 4.45pm (March 1 ~ October 31)
Zoo Opens: 9.00am Entrance closes: 3.00pm
Zoo Closes: 4.00pm (November 1~February 28)

Adults - 400yen
Elementary school and Junior high school students – 100yen
Admission free for children under kindergarten age
Group Rates (30 people or more) – 20% off

Here some pics of us at Yagiyama Zoo..enjoy!!
infront of Yagiyama Zoo
Siberian White Crane

Infront of cafeteria
Umai lapar!!
tgk elephant plak..
main jap!!
berehat sebentar!!
posing tepi dinding..
umai dan penguin


Susah tul nak suruh Umai berus gigi..kena pujuk dulu baru nak gosok..dengan pujukan Abg Pitt..berjaya jugak menyuruh Umai memberus gigi..:)
dah bersih!!
gigi kami dah bersih..terima kasih Abg Pitt!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Umai playing hanabi (bunga api) with his bro in's illegal!!!..haha..tapi senyap senyap je..penuh asap satu kaikan house is too small for umai to we decided to entertain our little bro with hanabi..most of Japanese play hanabi during summer..I hope that I have time to bring my mom and Umai to hanabi festival this year…I want them to explore Japan before they Umai can speak a little bit of Japanese language…like ‘konichiwa’ and ‘arigatou’….:P…here’s some of Umai pics playing hanabi with my hubby..
pasang lilin dulu
abg Pitt tunjuk terer!!
Umai pun pandai gak!
mana lagi hebat???
no 8 ke??
bentuk ni je Umai tau...:P
posing habis main hanabi..


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