Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have taste a lot of sushi before but none of them can compare to Kirara sushi..the best sushi I've ever tasted!!!
I've been dreamin' and craving for sushi since last week..I've eaten a lot lately..maybe coz of season changing..I don't know..and last night Ab and family invited me and family to Kirara sushi..they said it is coz we helped them on Gen-chan birthday party...thanks a lot Ab, Akmal and little Gen-chan..

It is time to serve the menu..
Aichan doing yoroshiku oonegaisimasu..bow politely to ask her mama for a piece of one year darling I will give you a bucket of it..*lol*..
What's for mama??
of course Unagiiiii..10 for me pleaseeee..tottemo oishiiiiiii...:) is called aburi unagi..
hotate(clamp) delicious..whats next???
Salmonnn...the best aburi salmon everrrr..yummy!! I want more..I want more..ape tunggu lagi???digg in...itadakimasu..
byk tak kami makan??hehe..
group photo..ureshii..:)

Japanese lesson for today
Unagi means eel
Hotate means clamp
tottemo means very


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Unagi?? ayakk...
Oishiku arimasen laa..
HAHA. bila la sy dapat gi jepun nie..hihi

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

mari..mari..the best sushi in da world..:)

Anonymous said...

nak lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..sedap!!! (pitt)

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

jom..kiter pegi..lagi..hahaha..:P

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

alala..comelnya mr pitt! :)
sila la tunggu tahun bila agaknya saya sampai ke sana..belaja je ckp jepun konon nak pegi sana. HAHA

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

hehe..maila..air asia pun dh ade..:)


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