Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Remember that I promise to give you guys ‘CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS’ recipe????..I’m so sorry that I can’t show the real pic of my muffins..because it turn out to be a disaster in shape!!!!..hate it…LESSON:: buy muffin pan to ensure your muffin on perfect shape!!! And I can’t give to you my frosting recipe..cause my frosting kind of ‘tak jadi!!’..huhu…sedih..:( …but the taste of my muffins is perfect!!!..the way I like it!!!...thanks to one of this website who teach me how to make CHOCOLATE CHIP’s the ingredients…

this pic taken from internet...:P

chocolate chips (as much as you like)
150gm of soft butter
4 medium eggs
2 ½ cups of flour
1 cup of sugar
¼ cup of milk
1 tablespoon of baking powder
½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
½ teaspoon of salt

Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C) and butter your muffin pan….beat the butter and the vanilla extract together to form a light, airy mixture….One at a time, add the eggs, and beat gently… Add ¼ cup of the sugar after each egg and mix thorougly.Put the baking powder and salt in the milk, then add to the mixture…Fold in the flour and the chocolate chips….Pour the mix into your buttered muffin pan, filling each cup two-thirds full…Bake for 25 minutes or until muffins turn golden brown…ready to eat!!!!

I will try to make frosting one more time again…if my experiment success I will post another recipe of frosting..

Latest pic of Umai trying to be Japanese(taken by my hubby)..learn how to use hashi (chopstick) for the first time..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Finallyyy…penantian berakhir!!!!..I’m so happy my hubby, ibu and Umai arrived safely to Japan..they arrived on Sunday 1.30pm..thanks to Akmal, Ab and Gen chan who picked them up from Sendai eki..thanks a lot!! Although umai cry sepanjang jalan..gomenasai!!....he just want to ride his ‘kereta kuning’..kesian Umai… and I’m so happy I got my fat food..McD Chicken McDeluxe and Double Cheese Burger!!! Plussss 1 bucket of KFC!!!!!!...hihihi…now I can feel safe and relieved…and prepare myself to be a mother..
Happy 'Fatty Boom Boom' mommy..:P

Here’s some pics of Umai and Ibu on their journey to Sendai, Japan..these pics dedicated to my family in Malaysia..
Umai KLIA pose..
Umai excited naik airoplane..
First time with Shinkansen( bullet train)
Start missing family and his cat 'meow ana' in Malaysia..sob..sob..:(
Dah sampai!!!

The funny part is Umai keep asking Ibu 'Kenapa perut kakak besar???'..hahaha..

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Tik..tok..tik..tok…a few more hours to go till I meet love of my life, my mom and my little brother..I’m so excited today..I slept at 2.30am and woke up at 4.30am..sleeping for just 2 hours!!!!!!..I’m cleaning my house and made some chocolate chip muffins..although it turn out to be not what I expected (I should buy muffins pan)….the taste is so delicious..I will tell you guys the recipe tomorrow because I need to make frosting for my muffins..thanks to carrie for the frosting recipe..:)..
Just want to share my experienced if anybody got in my situation..which is living alone and pregnant..first of is important for you not to think too much..I mean don’t think about negative thing that could be happened to you while your husband is not with you..just relaks..and if you have any problem just called anybody that’s near you or your friends that can take you to the hospital immediately..please remind your friends alert to their mobile phone especially at night..because usually pregnant women got problem in the middle of the night..careful with your steps especially if you are using bathroom..or stairs..and last but not least..pray to God that everything will be fine until your husband gets back home..I hope I can get through another few hours..and I pray that my husband, my mom and my little brother have a safe journey to Japan..Pray for us!!!!..

Friday, June 25, 2010

....ALMOST OVERRR!!!!....

One more day left!!!!!...can’t wait to see my hubby, my mom and my ‘nakal boy’ umai…this is what I called ‘ 23 days without love’..and finally it Is going to be over soon..really…really..miss them so much!!!.. can u guys believed that I’m a 9 months pregnant woman living alone in my house without husband for 23 days????..and plus..i’m living overseas..isn’t that crazy???..I just have to be strong and independent….and with help from my friends here..thank you guys really helped me a lot..what should I cook for them this Sunday???hmm..I was thinking to make ‘nasi tomato’ with ‘sambal ayam’ and bergedil…and for dessert I want to make chocolate chip muffins!!..yummm….special for umai..I hope I can make all the dishes..and hope my baby wait for her daddy..pray for us!!!..:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

...BAD DAY..

Hi readers…did you had the best week ever??I had a rough week….I got a lot of bad news and really hurt my feelings..don’t want to talk about it..because my husband told me if we kept thinking about problem it will stuck on your head and make you really forget what just happening to me during this week..I have to make myself busy..I have a few more days left before my hubby gets home.. and since I’ve got a lot of time in my hand..maybe I should do some facial or invent new recipe..:) you have any suggestion activities that I should try during this whole 3 days???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As for my early dinner today...I invented my own recipe of ‘GRILLED CHICKEN WITH BLACK PEPPER SAUCE’..eating rice everyday makes me want to throw up..need to change menu I think about grilled chicken with black pepper sauce..I LOVEEE Kenny Rogers Roaster!!!..thats why I’m trying to make my own mini Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant at home..It started by making the GRILLED CHICKEN

Black pepper

First finely minced the garlic and and mix all the ingredients together (butter, salt, and black pepper)..pour all the ingredients on the chicken..and grilled it inside the oven for 30 minutes.


1 Onion
2 cloves garlic
1 inch ginger
1 tsp of Cumin seed ( jintan manis)
2 tsp of black pepper
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 tsp of Salt
1 tsp of sugar
1 chicken cube
2 tsp of butter
2 tsp of corn starch

Blend onion, garlic, ginger, cumin seed and black pepper….fried all blend ingredients with butter and cinnamon stick..pour some water and put corn starch..put chicken cube, salt and sugar and wait till it cooked..(Opinion: I think if I put some boiled patatos and blend it..put it together with this recipe it might making the taste more delicious..I better try it next time..)

After the chicken cooked you can now pour the black pepper sauce on top of can also eat it with coleslow and french fries..yummy!!!!…and…BON APPETIT!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I just finished my 36 weeks baby check baby is now almost 2.8kg..and I gained 1kg in 2 weeks..that means 600gm goes to baby and 400gm to my fat..:P..the midwife told me, they really concern about mom weight because they said it is hard to deliver the baby if you are too fat..the energy that we used to push the baby might be difficult with those fat inside the they also monitor my baby heart beat and contraction..since I had my contraction 2 days ago..i’m quite concern about how bad it is..the doctor said if I had just once a day and in a short time..nothing to be worried about…I want a 3D scan but the doctor said it is difficult to see baby face because she is facing on the side..means she is hiding her face.but I’m sooooo happy because I can see my baby licking her finger…so cute!!..can’t wait to see mommy little angel!!!!!!...but you have to wait for your daddy first..ok hunny..mommy love u so much!!!!..muah…muahhh…

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Fathers Day to my hubby, my babah and my abah in law…I love u guys so much!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Don’t be surprised….I’m not a good cook but I taught my friend Carrie how to make chicken curry today..thank god she and her husband David like it..and we make some paratha..just instant one..I never make curry before I married…I never knew how to cook either..but if you have have to learn!!!!.. curry is one of my husband favourite in order to satisfy his tummy I learn how to make curry with my mom in first..I thought that making curry is the hardest thing on earth..but if you always making is not that guys want the recipe??? Here it is..


3 chicken legs with bone
2 potatos
1 1/2 onion
1 inch ginger
2 spoon blended chilli
2 1/2 spoon curry powder
1 cinnamon
1 star anise
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup of coconut milk/ condense milk
1/2 teaspoon of tamarind paste
5 curry leaves (optional)
1 teaspoon of Mixed spices (optional) have to cut the chicken and put it inside bowl..blend 1 onion, ginger and curry powder…put all the blend ingredient and blended chilli together with the chicken..and keep it for 5 minutes…pour some oil inside pan and fried the cinnamon and star anise..after that put the chicken with all blended stuff inside the pan and put 1 cup of water to make the chicken cook well..put the potatos at the same time..after the chicken cook a bit..put coconut milk or condense milk and also tamarind paste..put sugar and salt too..make them cook for about 15 to 20 the fire and put the curry on side….slice the another 1/2 onion you have and fried it with mixed spices and curry leaves..till the onion brown..put all the fried ingredients with the curry that you already cooked and mix them well..AND READY TO EAT! can have it with paratha, rice or any bread..BON APPETIT!!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I’m almost 36 weeks now..this Monday is officially 36 this time I started to feel the baby kicking me stronger than before..I was panic last night when I feel contraction at 12 midnight!!!..I started to calm myself..lying down on bed and breath deeply..If you have this contraction you have to monitor it because usually it is just a fake contraction…If you read the book that I suggested before ‘ what to expect when you are expecting’ page 311..explained about Braxton Hicks Contractions…it also called practice-for-labor-contractions that ususally begins sometimes after the 20th week of pregnancy…this contraction feels like a tightening sensation that begins at the top of your uterus and spread downward…lasting from 15 to 30 seconds…though they can sometimes last as long as two munites or more…don’t be panic..if you feel this type of contraction just lying down…wait for 30 sure that you’re getting enough to drink..because dehydration can sometimes cause contraction…If the contraction start to be worst and not reduce you better call ambulans immediately..Since I started to feel this contraction I always pray that my baby will wait for her daddy..Please my dear baby…wait for your daddy ok.......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


luv this outfit..:D

I’m so HAPPY today!!!!!..I watched ‘Sex n The City 2’ with all my ladies..luv this movie so much….although I’m kind a think that the first movie is better that this one …but overall this movie is fun to watch..I like the ‘single ladies’ part at the wedding..hilarious.and Samantha is so funny fighting with her age issue...I don’t want to tell you guys the whole guys better watch it !! recommended movie for all ladies out there…it is a MUST watch movie for you ladies..I give 5 stars for this movie…LUV IT!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...BA..BA..CHAK!!!.. my house still not spotless..hmm..hari ni rearrage sumer brg baby…next week dah 9 better prepare everything before baby come..emergency bag belum buat lagi..huhu..arghhh..tak de semangat la..sebab hubby tak de..and I’m so tired to do everything one shot..perut dah besar..cepat penat…boring..boring tadi tetiba search gambar baby..geramnyee tgk baby..comelll..
That’s all entry for today…hahaha…ni la dinamakan entry insan yang keboringan…:P

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi guys..thanks to my dearest friend Carrie who given me this book ‘what to expect when you are expecting’….just want to share information with all pregnant mom and women who planning to have a baby..this book is a guide that reassuringly answers the questions of mothers and fathers to be..I know..just like me you guys must have a lot of questions pop up in mind about this pregnancy thing..this book explain from planning the baby till the baby for example, I’m now 35 weeks- this books explain how big is my baby suppose to be at this time, what should I expect, what is the best food I should eat, what my body will react at this time (physically, emotionally) and explaination about contractions..I don’t know where to buy this book..because my friend gave it to me..but they have their own website( just click on the name of this book to see the website)..I hope for all pregnant women have a safe pregnancy time and enjoy life to become a mother..Pray for the best to us and the baby!!!!!....


Ohayo!!!!!..I woke up late today coz couldn't sleep early last nite..I have to wait for Fajr pray time about 2.17am..and start to try sleep after that..I just wanna share story about yesterday with all of you..yesterday I went to Mitsui Outlet AGAIN!!!..hahaha..I’m so happy coz I got Baby GAP cute cardigan for my baby for 500yen ONLY!..and the actual price was 3200yen..(I don’t have camera so I couldn’t show this cute cardigan to you guys..sorry!!)
On my way to Mitsui...I experienced earthquake inside the car..I thought that my friend slipped the car stering..and suddenly I saw all signboard on the road were shaking..thank God my friend drove slowly at that time..Earthquake is not a big deal for Japanese people..especially the small earthquake..coz every year Japan used to have this kind of disaster..Yesterday was the 5th time I think I felt earthquake here...they suggest it is better to stay inside your house and hide under your table when earthquake happen..They told me that it is more dangerous to go outside your house because all the electricity cabel might fall and hits you..they are certain type of house in here that have this called ‘earthquake technology’ .. building after 1983 (if I’m not mistaken) that they say is safe to stay in when earthquake hits your place..I hope no more earthquake after this..I’m too scared coz I’m now alone and bloated..couldn’t walk fast or run…all I can do I pray this disaster won’t happen again…that’s all story about earthquake and Baby GAP..hope you guys get some info from it!!!!...Bye..bye….:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yeay!!!..Thanks Zimmy for this order to get this award I have to answer all of this questions:

1. apa yang bermain difikiran anda sekarang nie?
of course my hubby..counting days..tik…tok…tik..tok…rindu sesangat..:P

2. apakah nama samaran anda?

3. berikan 3 org yg anda syg
Ibu, babah and my Hubby

4. panggilan utk c dia

5. hadiah apa yg anda impikan drpd seseorg yg istimewa??
Byk sgt la..nak SK2, nak Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Gucci Sunglass, Handbags, Make up set…panjang sgt nak list..hahaha

6. blog manakah anda suka lawati?
kawan kawan…and fashion..

7. tagged kpd 10 rakan blog anda
Kak Ija
Cik Norai
Diyana Farid
Pinky Lynn

Kepada sesiapa yang kena tagged nama tu..sila jawab soalan ye…terima kasih..:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Zzzzzzz....sleepy..sleepy..tak sangka mkn paceri terung leh ngantuk cam ni teruk..nape leh ngantuk??..sebab paceri terung ade santan ngan kerisik..huhuhu..bikin hubby la..asyik cerita makan sedap kat Malaysia..tetiba dia ckp paceri nenas..oleh kerana pregnant..kena la buat paceri terung...terus skype ngan ibu tanya resipi..terubat gak kempunan nak mkn paceri terung...mau resipinye..

Terung (dipotong panjang panjang)
Bawang Merah
Bawang Putih
Rempah kari daging
Kayu manis + bunga lawang
kicap kipas udang

Mula mula..blend bawang merah, bawang putih, halia ngan rempah kari daging..pastu tumis bersama sama dgn kayu manis dan bunga lawang..masukkan terung dah letak air..letak santan dan kerisik ( lebih sikit baru sedap)..masukkan kicap kipas udang..garam dan gula...tunggu smpai terung tu masak atau lembut dan sehingga kuah pekat dan sedikit kering...sedia untuk dimakan...:P
ni bukan gambar sebenar..amik dr internet..sbb camera hubby bw blk Malaysia..:P

Dah kenyang..tiba masanye untuk TIDOOOO..nite...Oyasuminasai!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Don’t get me wrong..i’m not trying to say a bad word..’SEMPUKI’ means fan..Sendai is getting hotter and hotter everyday and last night I decided to switch on my fan for the first time..temperature here now is around 26 degree….but I think I prefer spring than other seasons…not too hot not too cold..

Learning Japanese languange is fun when the sound similar to our for an example.. ‘tabun’..if your hear people say sounds like ‘tabung’..means ‘maybe’…and ‘mangkuk’ is a bad word here..but I’m not so sure what does it means….I have to study Japanese languange for my daily life..especially when I have to meet the doctor for my check up..most of them barely speaks like 'ayam dgn itik' language…haha..sometimes I have to do body language at the same time..:P.. but now I started to understand little by little..I hope I can speak fluently after my hubby finish his study here..Ganbatte Iryd san!.. Ganbarimasu!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


BORINGGGGGG...I'm so sleepy today...I try not to sleep because too much sleep is not good for the I decided to go to town to do some walk and maybe..maybe..grab some ice cream...:P..but after a few consideration with my big fat body..I think I can't make I decided to go to Seiyu by car to do some shopping...and to buy ice cream (main priority..haha) I called my hubby for permission (good wife ha!!..hehehe..).. ME:: "B...can I go to Seiyu??..I'm so bored and I want to do some shopping and buy some ice cream"... B ::"I think it is not a good idea..your belly is getting bigger and I think it is dangerous for you to drive" ... ME::" but i'm so bored in this house I want to get some fresh air and ice cream".. B::" watch TV or do something inside the house..its better"... so I didn't get my hubby permission..sob..sob.. :(... suddenly I looked on my bed and I saw Sudoku...YEAH!!..I remember..Carrie gave it to me before..maybe I should try this..I open it anddddd...hmmm..blurrr..this is the first time I play sudoku..they have 9X9 grid and each of nine they have 3X3 grid with some of it have number and others you have to fill in..its a mathematic puzzle..inside 3X3 grid you have to fill with1 to 9 number and make sure it is not the same with number next to guys should try this!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When season change especially when spring start..most of Japanese will celebrate it with hanami..hanami is where most of Japanese had their picnic or bbq under Sakura is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, "flower" in this case almost always meaning cherry blossom (sakura)..this year is my first hanami in Japan because last year I came and sakura already this hanami I have to prepare food for bbq.. It is hard to live in other country without any knowledge in myself..i’m a bad cook..tapi kena belajar for my husband tummy…hihi..for this bbq I made SATAY!!!!! mom recipe..rasa ok la jugak..habis la yang I want to share this recipe for those who live in other country than Malaysia (Kalau kat Malaysia order je…byk kat Kajang..) and for pregnant mom craving for SATAY

500gm boneless chicken (potong kecik2)
1 Onion
3 cloves of garlics
1 inches of ginger
2 inches of lengkuas
2 stalks of lemon grass
1 teaspoon of tumeric powder
1 teaspoon of tamarind paste
1/2 teaspoon of salts
3 teaspoon of sugar
4 teaspoon of brown sugar

Blend onion, garlic, ginger, lengkuas, lemon grass and tumeric powder…put all ingredients inside bowl and marinade it for one day (put inside fridge).. slide the pieces of chicken onto the wooden skewers..and grill it until cooked (be sure to soak your wooden satay sticks in water before skewering)..anddddd…..
Enjoy your delicious SATAY!!and for kuah kacang I got it from my mama in law… recipe for kuah kacang..:P

My BBQ pics in Sendai
me and Hanis
me and hubby

BBQ under bridge
hubby with adik adik Sendai..:P

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Eating Healthy while pregnant is important…a good diet can safeguard against health problems during pregnancy and also helps your baby to have good health right from the start…for most women, the nausea eases after the first trimester…like me my morning sickness ended at the end of 5 months pregnant..I read this article on the internet how to ease feelings of nausea… little and often..
..carry food with you, if you find that eating helps quell sickness..
..avoid rich, spicy, fatty or acidic foods..
...try ginger, which can help relieve sickness – in biscuits, tea, crystallised or freshly grated and added to cooking...
..take lots of fluids but cut down or cut out caffeine...

At my stage now..which is 34 weeks..half of my fat goes to the baby..thats what I read on the I try not to eat fat food and started new diet which I think all pregnant lady should try..i ate less amount of a lot of veggie and fruits..and don't forget...milk..I learn how to make simple fresh salad from one of my Turmenistan friend..thanks Aysenem..How to make it?? Here the ingredients that you have to prepare for the salad..

..Olive oil..

First of all you have to washed all this salad..and put it inside bowl..and then mix with salt and olive oil..put some basil if you have..anddddd….tadaaaaa..

ready to eat….I prepare this salad as my dinner more rice at night..:P

Monday, June 7, 2010


Check up..check up..check up..This is the first time I had my baby check up without my hubby..I was surprised I gained 3kg and my baby just gained 50gm in 2 weeks..but the doctor told me nothing to worry about..just I have to control my eating habit and stop eating sweet things…I recalled what I ate this whole 2 weeks before my check up today..and I realized I ate a lot of fat food that I’m not supposed to take..such as I baked choc fondant …I ate 90% of it and 10% my hubby ate it..:P. and after that I had this called ‘mamak nite’ with all my sendai buddy to welcome our new Malaysian friend..and I ate 3 nan..and then I went to Izumi outlet to buy some omiyage(present) for my family and I begged my hubby to buy chocolate cookies for me..and I ate it all by myself..I had a few chocolate milk bar leftover from the choc fondant I made..and I ate them all..and yesterday I had my choco donut with chocolate ice blended..yummyyy…and turned out I gained 3kg in 2 weeks..congratulations Iryd! Hahaha…

I’m happy to see my baby genki(healthy)..and see her movement on the scan screen..wish my hubby could see it too..can’t wait for my next check up!!!..

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I went to Mitsui Outlet Mall with my Sendai bestie..Thanks to Carrie and David who pick me up at my house..since I’ve got nothing to do so we decided to do some window shopping at the outlet..Hanis, Mi and Su also joining us..we went to the GAP outlet and search for something cheap..Carrie showed me the defected item section which most of the items just have some dirt on it but it can be removed....and they sell it very cheap..I bought this bear hooded towel so I can wrap my baby on is really cheap..the actual price was 3900yen and the sell it for 500 I grabbed it before somebody else found it..haha..after that we went to Tully's Coffee someplace like Starbucks here..grab some chocolate ice blended..(B..please don’t be mad at me…:P..) they put some cinnamon powder on top of the whipped cream..taste kind a wierd..and after that went back home..thank you guys for taking me out today..I'm a happy mommy today!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

23 Days without LOVE..

Lonely im so lonely...
I have nobody...
To call my owwnnn...
Im so lonely.... im mr. Lonely
I have nobody...
To call my owwnnn
Im so lonely...
I'm bored..I'm lonely..somebody..pleaseee help me!! I really…reallyyyy miss my hubby so much..although its only been 2 days..i feel like 2000 years!..I do hope time go I’m fullfil my day with a lot of activities..anything that is not remind me about this whole 23 days..and I really hope my baby will wait for her daddy…I miss u b..miss u so much..


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