Monday, November 1, 2010


Its Halloween!!!..actually we're not celebrating Halloween..we just got Halloween party invitation..don't know what to do??what to wear?? my hubby decided to apply some face painting..turn out to be like this!!
 scary kannn???unzipped eye!!!good job really scare those kids..*lol*..Aichan just pinjam baju ladybird from Eva..thanks Eva!..everytime I see this pic it will remind me caterpillar character from A bug's life movie..haha..Sorry Aichan..maybe Mama eat a lot and transfer all fat food to you..those tiny wings can't lift you up..*lol*
We don't have much time that day coz I woke up my hubby just put some face painting on me..
not so scary..hmm..I wish I could be avatar..pocong..or what ever..It's time for me to take pic with host party..
we thought that she's a joker but..wrong!!she is the snow white's evil queen..
Aichan with Hot Catwoman..hihi..I hope we have another Halloween Party next year so I can dressed up Aichan to be something else..cinderella??snow white??or tinkerbell??..the party was amazing..we ate a lot..Aichan got a lot of candy(which will be my candy..:P) and we had fun..Tanoshii katta desu!..


Hanis MY said...

cantik topi! i likeee...

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

pitt belikan lama dah..baru nak pakai..hihi..:P


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