Tuesday, September 16, 2008

::DiyaNa's BacheloRette ParTy!!!!!::

Hi bloggers!..i dedicated this post to my dearest friend Siti Nurdiyana who is going to get married this Raya..Congratulation to Diyana and Her beloved fiance Khairul!...this bachelorette party bash at Jusco Equine today......Guest of honor for this party are reen, jalil, lynn and her fiance, bee, dyana, faisal and his wiffy and of course me....
Menu on list??
::KEnnY RogErs RoAsteRs::

We only chit chat..and sharing information..laughing all the time...being photograph by faisal with his new camera..hihi..well, its been a while we didn't see each other although we all living and working in the same state..busy with each other personal activities.. a moment like this is good that u can always remember your friends..

Thanks Diyana for the treat..Hope u will live happily ever after with your loved one..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

::CuTe FiSh SpA::

Hallu readers!..Yesterday i went for berbuka puasa at Jusco Equine..whilst waiting for berbuka, me and my colleagues tried for little doctor fish..it called 'cute fish spa'..they said this cute little toothless fish could remove your dead skin and foot relaxation.. its true...i can feel them cleaning my foot..hihi..ticklish..i laugh everytime i put my feet in the water..if u guys want to try this cute fish spa..u can go to Jusco Equine for only RM5 for 10 minutes..

::info::This cute fish is Garra rufa fish..if i'm not mistaken::

Saturday, September 13, 2008

::SniPPed Of Batam::

Last month me and all my colleagues went to Batam, Indonesia. Here some information of Batam that i can we all of u guys..
The popular icon of Batam Indonesia is Barelang bridge..this bridge connected with 7 other island encompassing Batam Island.. At Indonesia, most popular cultural show is 'kuda lumping'..i see the show..that guy ate glass...scary..no blood...nothing came out from his mouth..huhuhu...All of us stay at Batam View Beach Resort..fantastic hotel with a good service provided..i actually lost my camera once...not actually lost..I actually dropped it at couch in the lobby..but the workers of Batam View Beach Resort recognize the camera was mine..and they return it back to me..huhu...Great job!The food is delicious..Seafood is popular in Batam..especially gong gong which is actually a snail..if u ate this gong gong it taste similar to 'siput sedut' but i think gong gong is more delicious..thats all i can share with all of u guys..thanks for reading..ADIOS!

Friday, September 12, 2008

::Special Treat Of Ramadan::

Today, all GACOS team berbuka puasa at Kak ija and Cyn's house. Rendang kerang...sambal belacan...kuih muih...are on the menu...yummy!..sedap Kak Ija masak. Other than that, we all also berbuka with our new sister 'Alya Amani'..welcome to Islam..hope she can get through Ramadan easily and 'mendapat keberkatan dari-Nya'....SELAMAT BERPUASA TO ALL MUSLIM..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

::EnJoYing RamaDan::

Just dropped by to wish Happy fasting to all Muslim out there... everybody are enjoying their 'pasar ramadan' with varieties of foods..all the kuew tiaw..ayam golek...roti john...murtabak...emm...yummyy....
me...i enjoying my ramadan by berbuka with my beloved family at home..hihi..

other than that, can't wait to celebrate hari raya with my loved one..


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