Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I went to Mitsui Outlet Mall with my Sendai bestie..Thanks to Carrie and David who pick me up at my house..since I’ve got nothing to do so we decided to do some window shopping at the outlet..Hanis, Mi and Su also joining us..we went to the GAP outlet and search for something cheap..Carrie showed me the defected item section which most of the items just have some dirt on it but it can be removed....and they sell it very cheap..I bought this bear hooded towel so I can wrap my baby on is really cheap..the actual price was 3900yen and the sell it for 500 I grabbed it before somebody else found it..haha..after that we went to Tully's Coffee someplace like Starbucks here..grab some chocolate ice blended..(B..please don’t be mad at me…:P..) they put some cinnamon powder on top of the whipped cream..taste kind a wierd..and after that went back home..thank you guys for taking me out today..I'm a happy mommy today!


Anonymous said...

hey.. jangan suka2 hati minum kopi, coklat2x semua.. nanti gemoq..
@ laki u..

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

hihi..sorry b..hari ni je...lepas ni tak minum dah...sorry tak mintak kebenaran u..:P

Hanis MY said... wiii vassnyaa blog iryd me like it.. keep it up..sonok tgk..

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

hehehe...boring boring kat umah..hanis nyer blog pun vasss..meletups!


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