Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mary Poppins wannabe!

'Chim chiminey..chim chiminey..chim..chim..che-ree..a sweep is as lucky can be..' remember that song?? yup! Mary Poppins..Actually last 2 months..when the autumn and hubby want to cherish that season by travel to of 'koyou' spot..koyou is when all leaves changes it's colors and makes the view so we went boating at Ichinoseki..I love this place..Just want to show you guys our 'giler-giler' photos a.k.a Mary Poppins wannabe taken at Geibikei, Ichinoseki..I will post detail about this place in another post..
me ready to fly!!
flying without wing
tingginye dia terbang!
Up!..up! and away..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tempting???? don't be surprise cause this is actually a whale meat!! my hubby bought it in Jusco for 100yen..I never taste kujira before cause you can't eat kujira while pregnant..they said it has mercury that can harm your baby.. so to all preggie mommy out there don't you ever dare to eat this! craving???forget it!! I warned you already..
my kujira..ready to be drown! FYI..I fried it with 'tepung KFC'..*lol*

Kujira is one of exotic food here..usually they make it sashimi..or they fry it..I thought kujira is illegal but my hubby bought it in open supermarket so it must be legal right?? I think this is the first and the last I tasted Kujira..not that the taste is not good..but I know somebody out there is fighting for this whale to be survive..I just want to taste it..don't be angry with me..pleaseee..
crispy fried kujira..goreng pun sodap!

How does it taste??hmm..not like other fish..the texture is quite hard..maybe cause I fried it..and taste is like beef+chicken+fish...hmm..I don't know how to describe it..if you dare to taste it..come to Japan and taste it by yourself..



Jom join contest!

Wahh...semenjak dah tukar rupa blog ni..teringin masuk contest..mana tau menang..jom my all fabulous bloggers join contest ni!

syarat-syarat penyertaan ::
  1. jadi follower FARZANA FARZANTO.  - Done!
  2. peserta perempuan digalakkan. kerana hadiah disediakan khas untuk blogger perempuan. kalau lelaki nak masok boleh juga. kalau tak kisah menang baju2 macam kat atas ni. haha (setiap pemenang boleh memilih hadiah or baju mengikut citarasa sendiri di Pelangiwardrobe Hannah. add dulu baru boleh tengok baju2 disana) - Saya seorang perempuan..:P
  3. ada 3 kategori iaitu blog paling cantik, comel dan kemas. setiap kategori mempunyai 1 pemenang sahaja. - harap blog saya ade ciri ciri tu..
  4. buat 1 entry tentang contest ni.- Done!
  5. tag kepada 5 orang rakan blogger anda. - saya tag lebih sikit..tag kepada semua list fabulous friend and blogger saya..
  6. letak banner di side bar blog anda dan link kan terus ke entry ni.- Done!
  7. setelah selesai, tinggal kan link entry anda berkenaan dengan contest ni di komen entry ni. saya akan check setiap link yang sudah ditinggalkan.- Done!
  8. penyertaan bermula pada 10.1.2011 hingga 10.2.2011.
  9. dalam tempoh sebulan ni mungkin anda boleh gunakan masa ini untuk menghias blog anda.

jom reramai hias blog!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 months already!

Time my baby little Ai is 6 months old!!!old ke??young la Mama.. so tiny.. she grown so fast..I still remember how her feet kick me inside my womb and carried her for 9 months..arghh..I miss those days..Mama hope that Aichan will be a Good girl and make me proud someday..
Mama and Daddy always love u!
6 months Aichan  ^-^
Just want to share some videos for all fabulous mama out there who wants to know their fabulous baby development..I know that sometimes we wonder whether our baby is too slow on her age or too fast maybe??'s two videos that you can watch and a good info to listen..


Monday, January 17, 2011


Japanese Cuisine
If you come to Japan don't forget to try one of famous Japanese Cuisine other than sushi..'Udon'...Udon usually serve with Shoyu (Japanese Soy sauce) and they put some dashi(soup and cooking stocks) inside it..I like to eat it with onsen tamago(soft boiled egg) yummy..
this is Udon..Oishii so!
eat it with ika(squid) tempura and kabocha(squash) tempura...delicious!

Usually Udon is one other options that you can eat if you couldn't find Halal restaurant..most of Udon you can eat(for muslim)..but better ask them first whether they put meat or alcohol inside it..

How to ask???
English: is there any meat in it?
Japanese: niku haittemaska?

my lil already food for you ok..:)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Donto Sai Matsuri

Sendai Attraction!
Japan is full with festivals..every season they will celebrate it with post I want to share some information about this festival called Donto Sai Matsuri.. this Donto Sai Matsuri is held at Osaki Hachiman shrine on January 14 every Sendai to be exact..It's a festival of a Shinto..People burn ornament for a new year..They will go to the shrine and walk around the fire and praying for their health and prosperity for this new year..what are they wearing?? see this..
I can't believe in 0 degree of temperature all these people were half naked!!..tak sejuk ke??pelik sungguh..I'm not attending this hubby is too cold to bring our little Aichan I pass..maybe next year..all these pictures were taken by my hubby..
costume on sale!anyone??..I think I should buy one..:P
on the way to shrine..
shrine entrance
 they burn the ornament..
food bazaar
my hubby happy face on that dare you come to this festival without me!!..tak marah pun..jeles je..huhu..:P

So if you guys plan to visit Japan during this time..don't forget to come to Sendai and see this festival by yourself.... JOM DATANG JEPUN!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zao, Yamagata

..Winter holiday..
This year is the best winter season for me..since last year is quite worst cause I can't feel snow so much..just hiding under my blanket to kept myself warm during pregnancy..This year winter holiday is the best for me!!! thanks B! I love you so much!!! we went to Zao, of famous snow spot to play ski, snowboard and to see juhyo (monster trees)..

From sendai it tooks almost one hour by car to this place..along the road I can't help myself but smiling along the way to Zao..I saw hill turns beautiful..Subhanallah!..the best creation by Allah..
Me and the view

in Japan we have this called ETC card, it is the same like smart card in Malaysia..if we travel using highway during weekend or public get flat rate toll fee and it will be just 1000 yen..usually it is more expensive than that..but to reach Zao, Yamagata from Sendai we just have to pay 800yen..I'm so glad that we change our tires one day before we started our journey..cause the snow is showering along the road..
We reached Zao around 1pm..It is time to play sleigh!!!we rent is 500yen includes Daddy's gloves..what is sleigh??this is sleigh..
Aichan and mama
With Daddy
after a few round..Aichan starting to get is time to eat! and rest a we went to restaurant and warm ourselves there..
Mama had her fav latte....
and Daddy shows Aichan view outside..
we wait till it is almost dark cause the main purpose is to see juhyo we took cable car..two cable cars to be get into this cable car we have to pay 2500yen per person..Aichan is murio(free).
Mama and Aichan waiting for cable car
this man is cleaning up the window so we can see outside view..
on top of the hill..they provide restaurant so you can warm yourselves and for me.I can warm my little princess..It's freezing up there..-8 degree!!!see this..

this is what i'm talking about..juhyo illuminant..
sugoy kirei!!!
It just me and hubby who took pics with is so cold..and windy..i'm afraid to bring Aichan we took her pic from restaurant..
my little momo chan..
bubbly as always..
bye bye Zao, Yamagata!

Jom Datang Jepun..
Air Asia kan ade!..:P


Tadi terbaca kat satu blog ni.. thanks for sharing...tajuk blog post dia taska kurang ajar!!!.. tgk gambar ni..memang sangat kurang ajar..nape la ditutup mata budak budak tu..sian tgk..
sumer mata ditutup..
tgk ni!
nak menangis pun ade tgk mata baby ni di tutup..kalu lemas cam mana?sapa la yang tak bertanggung jawab ni? yang buat org takut nak hantar anak anak pi nursery..hishh..geram sungguh!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Presenting my new 2011 blog look!! like it???yes??no?? If you have any comment or suggestion..please share with me..Thank you!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


every year..from 2nd till 4th of january there will be a 'BIG' sale all over Japan..they have this things called 'Fukubukuro'.. 

Fukubukuro (福袋 lucky bag, mystery bag?) is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract customers to shop at that store during the new year. The term is formed from Japanese fuku(福, good fortune/luck) and fukuro (袋, bag).
mystery bagggg..I wish I can be superman so I can see whats inside this bag..hurmm..
another fukubukuro..
even coffee shop has fukubukuro too..

This is my second fukubukuro in Japan..last year I didn't shop too much..cause at that time i'm saving for our new born this year..revenge!!!!..we started early in the morning.. you know..most of people start queue since 3 madness!! you can see the true 'shopaholic' on fukubukuro week..
see how crazy it is!!!!
they also provide express box..which is when you had too much shopping and not have enough hand to carry all your bag..they can post it straight to your house..
after hunting the whole town..we finally got our shop madness result...tadaaaa..this is my hubby's envy on that brown paper bag..aim for my next year fukubukuro..hehe..
this is my more shopping iryd!!!..:P


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