Friday, January 14, 2011

Zao, Yamagata

..Winter holiday..
This year is the best winter season for me..since last year is quite worst cause I can't feel snow so much..just hiding under my blanket to kept myself warm during pregnancy..This year winter holiday is the best for me!!! thanks B! I love you so much!!! we went to Zao, of famous snow spot to play ski, snowboard and to see juhyo (monster trees)..

From sendai it tooks almost one hour by car to this place..along the road I can't help myself but smiling along the way to Zao..I saw hill turns beautiful..Subhanallah!..the best creation by Allah..
Me and the view

in Japan we have this called ETC card, it is the same like smart card in Malaysia..if we travel using highway during weekend or public get flat rate toll fee and it will be just 1000 yen..usually it is more expensive than that..but to reach Zao, Yamagata from Sendai we just have to pay 800yen..I'm so glad that we change our tires one day before we started our journey..cause the snow is showering along the road..
We reached Zao around 1pm..It is time to play sleigh!!!we rent is 500yen includes Daddy's gloves..what is sleigh??this is sleigh..
Aichan and mama
With Daddy
after a few round..Aichan starting to get is time to eat! and rest a we went to restaurant and warm ourselves there..
Mama had her fav latte....
and Daddy shows Aichan view outside..
we wait till it is almost dark cause the main purpose is to see juhyo we took cable car..two cable cars to be get into this cable car we have to pay 2500yen per person..Aichan is murio(free).
Mama and Aichan waiting for cable car
this man is cleaning up the window so we can see outside view..
on top of the hill..they provide restaurant so you can warm yourselves and for me.I can warm my little princess..It's freezing up there..-8 degree!!!see this..

this is what i'm talking about..juhyo illuminant..
sugoy kirei!!!
It just me and hubby who took pics with is so cold..and windy..i'm afraid to bring Aichan we took her pic from restaurant..
my little momo chan..
bubbly as always..
bye bye Zao, Yamagata!

Jom Datang Jepun..
Air Asia kan ade!..:P


Hanis MY said...

syoknyaaaa i princess momo hehe... sejuk tapi best kan tengok juhyo2 tu...

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

best sangat..rasa nk pegi lagi..huhu..:P

BuLat i2 CirCLE said...

best sane k mmg tngl sane??hehe

dona::rose said...

Wah! Teringin pegi!
Aichan cute, pipi dia merah sejuk. Bila Pitt habis belajar?

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

mai la sini..pitt habis 2012..:)

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

bulat: hehe..hubby study sini..sementara kt sini dpt la explore jepun..:P

dona::rose said...

woo ok lama lagi habis 2012. mana tau bila kitorng plan nak cuti2 jepun blh tumpang rumah korang, save accommodation hehe ;P

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

ok ok..tak de halnye..anytime...bagus dtg sini end of march smpai early april..boleh rasa 2 musim.. winter and spring..:)

Asmara said...

Akak x smpt nak tengok juhyo, taun lepas pegi bulan Mac, tinggal pokok putih2 sikit je, pegi lepas pantang masa tu. Ingt taun ni nk pegi tp nk bwk 3 anak yg malas nih. hihi..

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

Ala..kak as dekat je ngan zao..kami jauh..nak pi pun sekali tu je la kak anak main sleigh..:)

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

kalo nk pegi bulan 9 tu, takleh la tgk nih kan..wahh kena dok sethn kat jepun camni..hahaha


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