Friday, September 23, 2011

Eid open house

Hi guys! got busy during Eid?? me too..Last 2 weeks if i`m not mistaken..we had an open house for celebrating our victory of Ramadan..Alhamdulillah.. since our house is too small for the party so we decided to rent a hall in our kaikan (hostel)....I invited some of my bloggers buddies hanis , Kak As and Ayu ...unfortunately they couldn't come on that day...its ok..anytime when you guys want to visit Sendai let me know...lets hang out!
^^ when I saw all these dishes..I can`t believe that I cook it all just with my hubby..haha..not the is from my friend..thanks Aysenem..^^

Well, as I mentioned before..did I? hmm.. my husband loveeeee cooking..this is one of the reason why I married him...^_^ .. we made a tonnes of menu for our beloved guest.. main dish is bihun ladna ( which I made).. others lontong, satay, baked macaroni, meat pie, truffle, pasemboq and popia ( specially made by my hubby) ..and other assorted kuih raya.. we started cooking from saturday night till 3 am in the morning..and continue next day which is sunday from 10 am till the party started...thanks God some of our friends came early on that day to help us..thanks Masyitah and Hanun..Alhamdullillah everything went well..
^^look how beautiful and tempting that popia is..check out dish next to it..pasemboq!! penang MARI!..made by my hubby..I`m one lucky lady ha? u B^^
^^ Princess..hiding under the table..she was sooo grumpy on that day..gigit Aichan^^
^^ some of our honoroble hubby`s lab mates^^
^^ Aichan with her bestfriend Suleyman..Her bestie from mom in law bought this Baju Melayu for him so they can wear during Eid..look how cute they were together.. matching outfit ^^
^^ haihhhh...tak tau la bebudak ni...this is what you called kids^^
^^ thanks for coming..^^
^^ what is Raya without bunga api..hehe..After party, we went outside to play bunga api...feels like Malaysia (home) ..^^
^^ Aichan first time playing bunga api...^^

This is our 3rd year Raya in Japan..I miss Raya in Malaysia...especially with my family...*rendang Ibu*..*Lemang Babah* ... sob..sob..  Raya is the most emotional day of  my life....

well then, I hope you guys have a nice Raya, beautiful new clothes..for sure, and happy..happy...happy!

bye bye!

Monday, September 12, 2011


hey peep! just had an open house on Sunday...i`m too tired and my hubby got sick coz cooking 11 hours since saturday..Insyaallah i`ll post the open house story later..till then bye the way..the picture was taken yesterday..princess so happy I gave her a chance to play with coin..see how big she grin...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Her Handwriting..

My Happy Moment..
I don`t know what to say... you guys may laugh at me..but when I saw her handwriting it`s really makes me happy..truly touch!..I really love how nursery in Japan handling all babies..they make activities and fun stuff so all these kids can learn while playing with their friends.. look what Aichan wrote today!
I think she`s trying to write ` Mama, I love you so much` ..haha.. I love you too baby..

thats all for today...just want to share my happy moment with you guys..bye bye..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

dah 1 tahun 1 bulan da...

time my 3.5kg baby (when she was born) is now 10kg...Alhamdulillah..she`s a pretty healthy kid..I love u Aichan..these two are our 1 1/2 years purikura photos..

bye..bye..for now..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I can`t live without you..
Just like Mariah Carey song... `Without you`...that is how Aichan`s relationship with her Minnie Mouse..her obsession with Minnie Mouse..everytime she feels sad or cry..the only thing that can cheer her up is her Minnie..a.k.a `mimi`.. everytime she sees Minnie or Mickey picture she will shout `Mimi..Mimi..` but I`m glad her obsession is towards girl stuff if she`s begging me to buy her a toy car I might be worried..haha..anyhow, we went to take her Purikura picture is a compulsory session for us to take her purikura picture every month..her some Aichan photos during purikura photoshoot..
this is what we always say..once you have daughter...can`t stop grooming her..she is my little Barbie doll..her dress and pant is from Baby GAP..the wig is Daddy`s idea..^_^
Aichan with her handsome `Dada`..see I told you.. Minnie always in her arm..
macam bini Phua Chu Kang pun ade gak.. ^_^
try to take Minnie away from her hand..but FAILED!
photo taken by Daddy..look what he did....where is half of my head B?..grrrr...:(
Two lovers met!.. after we took purikura picture..we went to Disney store just next to the Purikura station.. Aichan started to say `Mimi..Mimi..Mimi` ..everywhere is `mimi`.. its kind a cute actually.. we saw this huge Minnie and she laughed and smile...and hug the Minnie..dancing with her...ahhh...she is my little girl..she grew up so fast..
kiss..kiss Minnie..
playing with Minnie..
Dancing with her..
Aichan: `sit like me Minnie`.. ^_^

Can wait to have another baby..haha..but when ha?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The reason

Al Fatihah
this picture was taken during Aichan`s aqiqah in Malaysia
Everybody keep wondering why I didn`t update my blog for such a long time..I`ve been through a really tough time handling my father in law just passed a away last May.. my Dad got heart problem.. and I just been through a world tragic history..11 March 2011 biggest earthquake I ever felt and tsunami hits Japan..ever since then I have no mood on everything..not even updating my father in law passed away cause of car accident..he was admitted in the hospital for 2 months...He is such a kind person..I hope my husband and his family especially his mom can get through all of this.. But I`m glad that we make a decision to take the whole family I mean just my husband family to a vacation before this things least Aichan has a memory with her grandfather although she still small to remember those memories..

`Semoga Abah ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman..kami sayang Abah...Al-Fatihah`

Thursday, September 1, 2011

..My Little Girl During Eid..

Aichan just turn ONE..she starts walking since 11 months old..we decided to buy her a little mini kebaya which is actually for kids in size 3 to 4 years mom in law alter it to be fit for Aichan body..thanks mama!....we saw one of out friend posted her niece wearin kebaya and we inspired to dress Aichan for this EID..this is some of her precious little girl wearing kebaya..
we put her some wig..but since we woke up `too early` haha..we have to rush for solat, we just put her wig during photoshoot at home in evening..amacam cam saloma tak?
this photo was taken at tsutsujigaoka koen..she tried to jump and happy walking with mama and daddy..
begging mama to hold sweety..
cute pose for mama`s blog.. :)
look how tiny she is..holding daddy`s hand..
mama teach Aichan how to pose...
ladies in kebaya..
mintak maaf or mintak duit raya??
family photo...precious!.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA U ALL!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ratu Kebaya

Hello Syawal!
Hi guys! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..EID MUBARAK!!`s everybody`s raya so far? I just had filled up my big tummy with rendang, ketupat, lontong, and all cookies sent by my family in Malaysia..Ahhhhh...Burpppp..Alhamdulillah...  this is my third raya in foreign land.. third year Syawal as a wife and second Syawal as mommy.. color theme for this year is RED..hehe..what`s yours? I hope everybody enjoy their Eid and may Allah accept our prays and deeds....EID MUBARAK! and HAPPY eating!..:P
RED TEAM..featuring Aichan the tiny Ratu kebaya, My hubby the Royal Johor highness (ciplak Raja Johor fesyen), and Me the Queen of Kebaya ( kasut merah mak ngah..jangan jeles..:P).. picture taken at Tsutsugigaoka koen..*wink**wink*

Monday, August 29, 2011

..Selamat Hari Raya..

Phewwww..lama gilos tak update blog..dah keluar sarang labah labah, lipas semua cukup..haha..I got a lot of problem lately..thats why I didn`t have chance to update my blog....Sorry for those keep asking me about my blog..

Well, today entry just to wish all of you EID MUBARAK!!!!!!.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA from me and Family!!! Maaf zahir batin..hope you guys have a lovely Raya day and happy...happy..happy!

Monday, March 28, 2011


SENDAI EARTHQUAKE SURVIVOR and little Aichan safely arrived to Malaysia on 16th March 2011..Alhamdulillah that we are still alive..experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life..Thank you Allah..Thank you Allah..Thanks for everybody who pray for our safety and health..I still in process of writing my earthquake experience...I hope I can finish writing it as soon as I can share with all of you guys..
me and Aichan at Katahira-Cho Shogakko evacuation centre..our earthquake evacuation centre..(Thanks to Akmal and Ab for this pic)

Please pray for Japan..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mary Poppins wannabe!

'Chim chiminey..chim chiminey..chim..chim..che-ree..a sweep is as lucky can be..' remember that song?? yup! Mary Poppins..Actually last 2 months..when the autumn and hubby want to cherish that season by travel to of 'koyou' spot..koyou is when all leaves changes it's colors and makes the view so we went boating at Ichinoseki..I love this place..Just want to show you guys our 'giler-giler' photos a.k.a Mary Poppins wannabe taken at Geibikei, Ichinoseki..I will post detail about this place in another post..
me ready to fly!!
flying without wing
tingginye dia terbang!
Up!..up! and away..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tempting???? don't be surprise cause this is actually a whale meat!! my hubby bought it in Jusco for 100yen..I never taste kujira before cause you can't eat kujira while pregnant..they said it has mercury that can harm your baby.. so to all preggie mommy out there don't you ever dare to eat this! craving???forget it!! I warned you already..
my kujira..ready to be drown! FYI..I fried it with 'tepung KFC'..*lol*

Kujira is one of exotic food here..usually they make it sashimi..or they fry it..I thought kujira is illegal but my hubby bought it in open supermarket so it must be legal right?? I think this is the first and the last I tasted Kujira..not that the taste is not good..but I know somebody out there is fighting for this whale to be survive..I just want to taste it..don't be angry with me..pleaseee..
crispy fried kujira..goreng pun sodap!

How does it taste??hmm..not like other fish..the texture is quite hard..maybe cause I fried it..and taste is like beef+chicken+fish...hmm..I don't know how to describe it..if you dare to taste it..come to Japan and taste it by yourself..



Jom join contest!

Wahh...semenjak dah tukar rupa blog ni..teringin masuk contest..mana tau menang..jom my all fabulous bloggers join contest ni!

syarat-syarat penyertaan ::
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  2. peserta perempuan digalakkan. kerana hadiah disediakan khas untuk blogger perempuan. kalau lelaki nak masok boleh juga. kalau tak kisah menang baju2 macam kat atas ni. haha (setiap pemenang boleh memilih hadiah or baju mengikut citarasa sendiri di Pelangiwardrobe Hannah. add dulu baru boleh tengok baju2 disana) - Saya seorang perempuan..:P
  3. ada 3 kategori iaitu blog paling cantik, comel dan kemas. setiap kategori mempunyai 1 pemenang sahaja. - harap blog saya ade ciri ciri tu..
  4. buat 1 entry tentang contest ni.- Done!
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  6. letak banner di side bar blog anda dan link kan terus ke entry ni.- Done!
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  8. penyertaan bermula pada 10.1.2011 hingga 10.2.2011.
  9. dalam tempoh sebulan ni mungkin anda boleh gunakan masa ini untuk menghias blog anda.

jom reramai hias blog!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 months already!

Time my baby little Ai is 6 months old!!!old ke??young la Mama.. so tiny.. she grown so fast..I still remember how her feet kick me inside my womb and carried her for 9 months..arghh..I miss those days..Mama hope that Aichan will be a Good girl and make me proud someday..
Mama and Daddy always love u!
6 months Aichan  ^-^
Just want to share some videos for all fabulous mama out there who wants to know their fabulous baby development..I know that sometimes we wonder whether our baby is too slow on her age or too fast maybe??'s two videos that you can watch and a good info to listen..



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