Thursday, June 10, 2010


BORINGGGGGG...I'm so sleepy today...I try not to sleep because too much sleep is not good for the I decided to go to town to do some walk and maybe..maybe..grab some ice cream...:P..but after a few consideration with my big fat body..I think I can't make I decided to go to Seiyu by car to do some shopping...and to buy ice cream (main priority..haha) I called my hubby for permission (good wife ha!!..hehehe..).. ME:: "B...can I go to Seiyu??..I'm so bored and I want to do some shopping and buy some ice cream"... B ::"I think it is not a good idea..your belly is getting bigger and I think it is dangerous for you to drive" ... ME::" but i'm so bored in this house I want to get some fresh air and ice cream".. B::" watch TV or do something inside the house..its better"... so I didn't get my hubby permission..sob..sob.. :(... suddenly I looked on my bed and I saw Sudoku...YEAH!!..I remember..Carrie gave it to me before..maybe I should try this..I open it anddddd...hmmm..blurrr..this is the first time I play sudoku..they have 9X9 grid and each of nine they have 3X3 grid with some of it have number and others you have to fill in..its a mathematic puzzle..inside 3X3 grid you have to fill with1 to 9 number and make sure it is not the same with number next to guys should try this!!


yana said...

bagusla..pasni anak hangpa terror maths la woo sudoku..senang je..sure bleh buat less than 3mins..9x9 record aku guna hphn mak aku..haha..buku susah sikit..

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

hehe..harp harap gitu la..boring sgt hari ni..terpaksa cari keje..:P


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