Friday, June 11, 2010


Don’t get me wrong..i’m not trying to say a bad word..’SEMPUKI’ means fan..Sendai is getting hotter and hotter everyday and last night I decided to switch on my fan for the first time..temperature here now is around 26 degree….but I think I prefer spring than other seasons…not too hot not too cold..

Learning Japanese languange is fun when the sound similar to our for an example.. ‘tabun’..if your hear people say sounds like ‘tabung’..means ‘maybe’…and ‘mangkuk’ is a bad word here..but I’m not so sure what does it means….I have to study Japanese languange for my daily life..especially when I have to meet the doctor for my check up..most of them barely speaks like 'ayam dgn itik' language…haha..sometimes I have to do body language at the same time..:P.. but now I started to understand little by little..I hope I can speak fluently after my hubby finish his study here..Ganbatte Iryd san!.. Ganbarimasu!

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