Sunday, October 17, 2010


Alooooohaaaa...are you at Japan?? and no budget to go to Hawaii??? I can solve your problem...let's go to Hawaiian Spa Resort..where you can feel Hawaii..with hula..hula..everywhere..Located at tooks us about 3 hours from Sendai to reach Hawaiian Spa to this page.. fee is 2800yen for adults..what is special about this place is..they manage the temperature around 28 degree for all you can go to this place during winter too..thats what they said 'Paradise of Everlasting Summer with full of smiles..see this smile..
what's inside???a HUGE waterpark..inside the waterpark they have Giant Hot Spring Pool, 3 sliders, Flowing Pool and for small children they called it 'wai wai Ohana'..Other than that they also have Beach Theater, World Magic Hall (we miss this one coz we spend a lot of time inside the pool), Tropical garden, Amusement Park, Onsen, Dinasour World, Hula Museum..and much more..I LOVE IT!!
me and Aichan @ Tropical Garden..ade pokok pisang..:)
@Hula Museum..
Aichan n mama inside pool..she fall asleep..:P
I loveeee Hula Dance and fire show..must watch!!
Fire show
mesmerize dance..hula hula..:P


jalilsalleh said...

pa lagi, petik daun pisang buat bungkus nasik lemak la..pasti harum mewangi

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

haha...karang kena tangkap ngan pak guard..buat malu je..hahahaha..:P

Anonymous said...

jalil kampong sangat... (pitt)


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