Friday, October 1, 2010



Craving for laksa??here's my story of 'laksa jepun' begins...I have one packet of dried laksa which I didn't touch since last year..before it end up at my 'gomi' so I better do something..I never cook laksa I start googling through internet and search for laksa recipe..oh gosh!! mackerel??where can I buy it in I asked my hubby which is expert in cooking..he said how bout we use sanma instead of mackerel..hmm..ok.. sanma fish..
so its time to go for food shopping..alamak..bunga kantan???one of our friend told us that there have some plant which is similar to bunga kantan..
sama kan?? so we used this..actually i'm the one who supposed to make this laksa..but it turn up Aichan is not so mama has to take care of her..daddy has to cook..i'm so proud of my hubby..he did an amazing job..our 'laksa jepun' tasted sooooo oishiiiiiiiiiii....I want to share our 'laksa jepun' recipe with all of you..

Here's the ingredients:
3 sanma fish
2 red onion 
3 cloves of garlic
1 1/2 spoon of blended chilli 
asam keping
bunga kantan

boiled eggs

Using blender grind garlic,onion and belacan..add whole cleaned fish and boiled it in a pot of hot boiling water..pick the flesh all out of fish and discard the bone..blend fish and put inside the pot..pour some water and add blended garlic,onion,belacan and chilli..add asam keping ,bunga kantan and salt and wait till it cook..bon appetit!
dah penat masak..daddy main ngan Aichan plak..:P

Japanese lesson for today
gomi means rubbish/garbage
oishi means delicious

bye for now from LOVE KITCHEN..

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