Thursday, May 13, 2010

::The BeaUty Of NiKKo anD EdO-WonDerLand::

I had a wonderful holiday with my sis, hubby and friends..trip that i will never forget in my entire life..we went to Nikko which is located at Tochigo Prefecture, Japan. This is the place that we can see the beauty side of Japan that full with pure culture and gorgeous scenery..they have three 'must see' place that you guys should visit here...shrine, lake and cultural themepark 'Edowonderland'..

Starting our journey from sendai and it tooks almost 4 hours to reach Nikko..and we managed to arrive at our hotel at Japan most of hotels check in time is 3pm..we stayed at Ohnoya Hotel..the cheapest hotel that we can get at is not a standard kind of is ryokan which is traditional japan hotel..

After being told by the 'obachan' that we can't check in at we decided to search for someplace to see and we went to Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Fall..
my lovely Sendai friends..Su, me and Hanis @ Lake Chuzenji
After a few hours tour around Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Fall..we drove back to hotel to get some rest and enjoy onsen (not for me because i'm pregnant)...
We started early the next day, so many place to explore and to bring 6 months pregnant lady on tour is making the whole trip go slow..haha...The first place we visited that morning is shrine..Japan is famous with varities of shrine all over their countries.. shrine that we visited is near to our hotel..and it’s gorgeous!

me and hubby infront of shrine

After that, all of us heading to Edo wonderland..the main purpose why we really want to go to Nikko..Edo Wonderland is a place that all tourist can learn ancient Japanese virtue in the extensive cultural theme park where recreated the history of Japan…all the samurai, ninjas, geisha character are here..even tourist also can try Japanese outfit and it is available for rental….they have several shows such as ninja show, magic water show and Oiran Parade..i love this place and really really suggest to anybody who wants to experience the real culture of Japan..come and visit Edo wonderland..

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