Tuesday, May 18, 2010

::PreParatioN For FuTuRe MoThErs anD FaTheRs CLaSS::

I’m officially 31 weeks! It is the best time to prepare for the born of my little angel..me and hubby went to hospital to register for preparation for future mothers and fathers class..which is to ensure what to expect when deliver baby and things to do and buy before the baby is coming..at first the nurse told us that this class is full for this month…and I’m very upset but the nurse told us to wait for a moment and she will call us back..after a few munites one of their midwife told us that she will make us a private class since my hubby has to go back to Malaysia to do experiment on June..3 weeks I will be alone in Sendai…Waaaaaaaaaaaa….:(

She started to explain all the documents that we need to prepare and she told me that in Japan most of hospital doesn’t use drugs such as pain killer or epidural..everything is natural birth..i’m scared..after that, she make us tour to the delivery room and showed us type of rooms that they provide inside the hospital..they have 3 type of rooms..first sharing room which is 4 persons in one room and share toilet..second is private room with toilet inside without bathtub..and the third one is private room with bathtub..she also showed us labor room and the position of mother when deliver baby..such a fantastic hospitality they served in Japan..although I’m quite scared but I feel happy with all the explaination she gave to me..makes me prepare and I hope I can do it!..

After that, she explained things to buy and prepare before come to the hospital. In Japan most of them don’t know how speak in English..so the midwife gave me a dialog in Japanese how to call the ambulan when I feel pain..good job!..she also told me how to push and breathe when I feel contraction.. I was happy with this class and really hope that one day hospital in Malaysia will have this kind of programme....
"Friends..please pray for me and I hope I can deliver my baby easily and healthy...amin!"

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