Saturday, May 22, 2010

::QuiNNy Zapp For My LiTtLe AnGeL::

We got our stroller for my little angel hubby bought it from the internet..thank god we got this stroller cheaper than we thought..before this we started survey baby stroller and we really want Quinny Malaysia they sell it almost rm1000 but here we got it less than rm800..and it is 2010 is easy to carry if you travel overseas or going somewhere far because it has travel bag..

we have to start prepare everything before my little angel born..and we buy everything little by little..i hope everything will be fine this time..and my baby born healthy and safe.. it just another few weeks to go.. Insyaallah..Pray for me and baby..:)
Daddy unwrapped little angel Quinny Zapp box..
tadaaaaa...daddy knows how to use it..:)

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