Friday, July 24, 2009

LOVE and HATE..Which one is more powerful??

Sometimes I keep thinking about LOVE and HATE..which one is more powerful?..All we know that LOVE is positive and HATE is negative..but why should this feeling both emerged inside us and conquer our mind?..LOVING someone can makes us HATES them too..
I have my own theory..if we HATE takes time to forgive or heal the HATE feelings inside us..right??.. but if you love someone, you are not actually will LOVE that person forever and ever....But LOVE can over rule HATE..just like my husband opinion..

Sometimes I think HATE is more powerful..
also sometimes I think LOVE is more powerful..

So the conclusion of this topic is..In our life we have 'opposite things' happening in between us to ensure that our life is more colorful and not boring..we have LOVE and HATE..we have BEAUTY and UGLY..we have EVIL and ANGEL..Its LIFE.. :)

yang penting kiter ENJOY!!

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