Sunday, July 26, 2009 to get back in shape?

My body gain 5 kg during is very hard to 'vamoose' all the fatty stuck in my body especially in my tummy..what can i do to get back in shape?? I do diet of once a as much veggie as i can..and everyday i do work out like 1 hour..and not mention how much the amount of ginger lotion i rub at my tummy...hmm..but still i didn't see the result like i wanted...i will not give up on hard to get back in shape..GAMBATTE!!
I do this everyday and other work out:
'Is not that important for me to lose my weight, what i want to achieve is to look good in front of my husband, get your own ideal weight..if you look'll feel good..aite!'


d i y a n a said...

pi laa London weight, suruh suami hg bayar. Berkesan oooo...


p.s: silap2 hg leh masuk tv.

"iryd and pitt's little diary" said...

haha..aku tak da duit la..cara aku ni hanya orang yang kemiskinan dan memerlukan badan yang cantik..hehe..tapi hasil nya tak cantik2 pun.. :P


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