Wednesday, January 13, 2010

::CoMiNG Of AgE DAy::

..YEAY!!..I'M..20 Y.E.A.R.S..O.L.D..
Last monday i went to one of biggest festival at Japan..they called it 'Coming Of Age Day', where all 20 years old ladies and gents will celebrate their coming age..sort of maybe a good age to celebrate in Japan..wakaranai..:P

So..our journey started in the morning where i called my sensei to confirm where the celebration was held..we found out that it will be held at we called all our friends to invite them to go with us but unfortunately most of them still in their dream and only Su was available..after had our breakfast we took densha (train) and meet Su at Eki..and straight away to Tomizawa by chikatetsu (subway)..inside chikatetsu we saw so many beautiful japanese chicks wearing their various color of kimono..and most of the man wear suit rather than hakama (tradisional outfit for man like kimono)..

We arrived at Tomizawa station and follow all japanese that wearing is quite surprised that we are the only foreigners that went my observation the purpose of this festival is like a match maker or to make them searching for their love life..sometimes i think they are cheating of their age because they look mature than 20..hmm..maybe wrong make over by their salon.. :P.. after taking several pictures with them we ended our journey by window shopping at town..
searching for love life

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