Thursday, November 6, 2008

::TeeNy BoppErS SonG::

..SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!..'when your feelin' sad and low..we will take you where you wanna go'.. remember that lyrics??.. just wanna freshin' up my mind and memorizing my teeny boppers song.. my fav teeny boppers song is of course Spice Girls, N sync ( you!), Backstreetboys, 911 and many i couldn't remember all......what yours? really missed my teenage moment.. screaming when backstreetboys music video came out on TV..hihi..which character of Spice Girl u wanna be?...i want to look posh like posh spice..and sexy like ginger spice.. ;)
I don't know whether u guys remember 911 or not..but this group is one of my fav boy band..songs like 'the day we find love' and 'body shaking' i can play this song 100 times a day.. :).. it is sad when some of this band announced that they saperated and move along with their own way.. by the way..
' YOU GUYS RAWK!!!!!!!'

Spice girl video music.. ENJOY!

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