Monday, June 9, 2008

::SaVe MoNEy, SaVe FuEL::

MoneyMoneymoney…its all about the is the time to save our money coz the fuel price increase to rm2.70. Use public transport? Is that the best solution..hmm..for me who lived on suburb it is hard to reach the public transportation and if I manage to do that I will be off by my house at 4.00 am in the morning..haha..The first day the announcement of the fuel price, all Malaysian people panic and rush to the nearest petrol station and hoping that they can buy the rm1.92 for the last time.. I went back home and just what I expected.. Traffic jam!..I kept wondering that time, if I queue just like everyone else that time could I save my money or just waste’s at least 2km queue to reach the petrol station. Not counting the ‘stupid people’ who cutting queue.. So I made my decision straight to my home.
How to save money and fuel?

""Less usage of air conditioner""
--I've tried it and it work!--

""Change to NGV""
--My friend said it's cheaper than petrol--

""Use public transport"" worked for people who lived near to LRT station...not for me..thank you!--

""Use Mini car''
--I'm glad coz I drove mini tiny car...although I still have to use petrol but I think it's cheaper--

"" Use Motorcycle""
--Hmm...I need to think about this one..coz i'm a lady...not safe for me to use motorbike...long distance!--

''Car pooling''
--This sharing thing just work for people who lived near to each other and work at the same building..not for me!--

""Move near to your work place""
--That's sound convenient!--

""Speed less than 100km per hour""
--This suggestion is good for saving money and lives. Why? coz less speeding convey less potential of accident and less usage of petrol and result save more money...more money for SHOPPING!--

""Check your tyre frequently""
--Tyre is the important part of the car..without it your car can't check your tyre before starting your journey..--

""Last but not least""
--ask your boss for your dream!--

Please add more of your suggestion to save our money and save fuel at my comment section, thank you!


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