Friday, September 23, 2011

Eid open house

Hi guys! got busy during Eid?? me too..Last 2 weeks if i`m not mistaken..we had an open house for celebrating our victory of Ramadan..Alhamdulillah.. since our house is too small for the party so we decided to rent a hall in our kaikan (hostel)....I invited some of my bloggers buddies hanis , Kak As and Ayu ...unfortunately they couldn't come on that day...its ok..anytime when you guys want to visit Sendai let me know...lets hang out!
^^ when I saw all these dishes..I can`t believe that I cook it all just with my hubby..haha..not the is from my friend..thanks Aysenem..^^

Well, as I mentioned before..did I? hmm.. my husband loveeeee cooking..this is one of the reason why I married him...^_^ .. we made a tonnes of menu for our beloved guest.. main dish is bihun ladna ( which I made).. others lontong, satay, baked macaroni, meat pie, truffle, pasemboq and popia ( specially made by my hubby) ..and other assorted kuih raya.. we started cooking from saturday night till 3 am in the morning..and continue next day which is sunday from 10 am till the party started...thanks God some of our friends came early on that day to help us..thanks Masyitah and Hanun..Alhamdullillah everything went well..
^^look how beautiful and tempting that popia is..check out dish next to it..pasemboq!! penang MARI!..made by my hubby..I`m one lucky lady ha? u B^^
^^ Princess..hiding under the table..she was sooo grumpy on that day..gigit Aichan^^
^^ some of our honoroble hubby`s lab mates^^
^^ Aichan with her bestfriend Suleyman..Her bestie from mom in law bought this Baju Melayu for him so they can wear during Eid..look how cute they were together.. matching outfit ^^
^^ haihhhh...tak tau la bebudak ni...this is what you called kids^^
^^ thanks for coming..^^
^^ what is Raya without bunga api..hehe..After party, we went outside to play bunga api...feels like Malaysia (home) ..^^
^^ Aichan first time playing bunga api...^^

This is our 3rd year Raya in Japan..I miss Raya in Malaysia...especially with my family...*rendang Ibu*..*Lemang Babah* ... sob..sob..  Raya is the most emotional day of  my life....

well then, I hope you guys have a nice Raya, beautiful new clothes..for sure, and happy..happy...happy!

bye bye!


Teratak Hami said...

Cantik jgk tengok kaikan uols, memang sesuai buat party.

Comel Aichan + Suleyman. Takde Melayu lain ke di Sendai tu?

imah said...

aichan main bunga api tak ajak kak imah pon =(

Unknown said...

alolololo..comel jek aicahn brdiri bwh meja uh..

jalilsalleh said...

waaa i cannot believe yang hang dah pakar memasak skang ni hihihii...

Anonymous said...

thanks b.. love you always.. thanks for beeing there by my side.. love, B

Hanis MY said...

meriah sgt! zannen tak dpt join... ai-chan yg sgt gojess like her mama...

p/s: iryd dah sihat ke?

anumuchan said...

banyaknyaa makanan sedap2..huhuu..untung betul hubby suka masak2..huhu

Cik TeN10 said...

ohh aichan sungguh kawai dgn berbaju kebaya tuh !! sedapnya !!


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